Control Systems Design

The design of the control systems allows to proceed to the design and definition of a control model with a systematic and complete methodology that, starting from the analysis of the current system / plant status, concludes with the design / redesign of the same and the its implementation. We use control design software (Matlab / Simulink, NI-LabView, SciLab and dSpace TargetLink) that ideally support each phase of the development process of the control system, from plant modeling to the design of the compensator, up to distribution, through automatic code generation.

The design of the Control Systems covers several areas:

  • Control Logic for automotive vehicles
  • Virtual Testing (MIL and SIL)
  • Rapid Prototyping, Testing and Validation
  • Architecture Functional Safety (ISO25119, ISO13849)
  • Development of Model-Based Control Logic
  • Matlab / Simulink modeling, performance estimation, automatic code generation
  • dSpace TargetLink Code writing
  • On Line Calibrations (Control Desk, Inca , XCP/CAN)

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