Electronic Boards Repair

We repair and restore electronic boards thanks to the great experience gained in the field, with the help of the most efficient equipment and the latest technologies.

The laboratory carries out the work respecting the best quality standards. Our electronic engineers will be able to find an economic solution that solves your problem. All repairs are covered by warranty according to law unless otherwise specified.

Our laboratory carries out the repair of electronic cards of any kind. If you want to know how to repair your electronic board , follow the instructions on this page. The estimate is quick , to request it click here or write us by e-mail to mauro.tafuro@webelettronica.com

Some examples of electronic boards that we repair and restore:

  • We repair electronic boards for parking meters
  • Power supplies for electromedical and radiographic equipment
  • Notebook power supplies
  • ATX power supplies for computers
  • Electronic musical keyboards
  • Audio mixer
  • Radio of all brands
  • Burglar alarms
  • Inverter
  • We repair electronic boards for air conditioners
IPSO Washing Machines Repair

Repair of IPSO Electronic Boards

Webelettronica has also successfully completed the repair of IPSO electronic cards. Cards that are present inside the IPSO coin-operated washing machines, widely used in the commercial and professional laundries sector. Thanks to the repair of the IPSO electronic boards, it has been possible to remedy a problem quickly and at low cost.

Advice for repairing your electronic board

1. Description of the Failure

Before sending us your electronic board repair request, think about how to describe the fault: this information is fundamental for our technicians in order to make a quick quote.

2. Remove Electronic Board

  1. Disconnect any source of electric current. Disconnect the power cord first, then any batteries. Be careful not to get shocked, protect your hands with thick gloves.
  2. Check to see if there are any warranty seals. They could be circular or rectangular stickers. Remember that once you have broken the warranty seals, this will automatically be invalidated.
  3. Take pictures of the electronic board, one for each detail. These photographs will be useful to reassemble the electronic board. Mark the connectors, because unfortunately many times there are connectors that can be reversed and exchanged. Photographs will also be important to remember the allocation of fixing screws.
  4. In some cases, the electronic card is located inside a container. Keep all the screws in a container, for example a jar or a sachet.

3. Photographs of the electronic board for the laboratory

If you have the possibility, take photographs of the electronic card where you can clearly see the electronic components that compose it and if there are any visible faults, please provide details. The photographs of the electronic board should preferably be in high resolution and well focused (the ideal would be to read the abbreviations of the electronic components).

These photos give us important information about the type of electronic board and the class of components used. They are important to establish a price range for the electronic board repair service and to establish the success rate of the work.

4. How can I deliver you the electronic card?

We work in all Italy by courier. Logistics management, in collaboration with GLS, allows us to quickly manage shipments of electronic cards while minimizing downtime.

We repair electronic boards with analog and digital components, with packages of any kind.

We can repair and restore the operation of cards containing chips and microchips in all formats: BGA, SMT, SMD, BQFP, PLCC, QFP, SOJ, SOP, TSOL.

Contact us to repair your card

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