Webelettronica offers an electronical and mechanical prototyping service wwith sampling of electronic cards to give the possibility to create a new project or to update an existing system.
Prototypes of printed circuit board can be realized starting from a circuit diagram. If requested by the customer, Webelettronica is able to realize prototypes including mechanical parts up to obtain samples of the complete product, fullfilled with all the necessary documentation.
The sampling may be followed by a pre-set that allows the customer to run, compared to the simple prototype, test on a larger scale. To evaluate the introduction of any necessary changes to the finished board before introducing the product to the market.

From working prototypes to Project Validation

Electronic Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, thanks to a team of professionals and a complete automation and integration of procurement and management processes.
We believe it is important to make some prototypes to run tests before moving on to producing a pre-series. Creating at least one prototype is very useful for checking electrical schematics, functionality and sizing based on the location in the finished product.
In cases where microcontrollers are used, the production of a sample / prototype may be cheaper than the purchase of the Development Board.

Mechanical Prototyping

Webelettronica is able, through the use of the most advanced 3D software, to create three-dimensional models that allow you to evaluate the feasibility of a project and optimize time and costs. The company's strengths, to guarantee the best quality of the product, are the constant updating, the processing systems and the cutting-edge technology.

Project Validation

Webelettronica performs all electrical and thermal tests necessary to verify the actual functionality and the compliance of the product with the specific project requests. All pre-qualification tests can be performed on the devices that are being developed so that any corrections can be made already in the early stages of the project. We guarantee assistance to the client, at the certifying body, during the final qualification phases.

Technical documentation

Webelettronica may, where required to, take care of the drafting of the final technical documentation and product manuals. Producing the entire project documentation divided into the various phases, from pre-study to product validation, supplying production and testing manuals.

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