WebElettronica is a cutting-edge company able to manage the entire process of designing, developing and manufacturing electronic devices. We provide to our customers direct and efficient support starting from the initial idea, where we define the functionality and characteristics of the product, to the production stage. If you have the need to develop a new project, a schematic diagram or an electronic device. If you are looking for consulting services in electronics, hardware, firmware and software; or if you want to optimize an existing product for technological or cost effective reasons, then Webelettronica is the right company for you.

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Design, Prototyping and Production of Power Supplies for Led lamps and Batteries...

Power Electronics
Digital Electronics

Design and production of sensors, transducers, LCM displays, etc...

4.0 Industry

Acquisition and control of remote data for industrial devices.

4.0 Industry
Electronic Automation

Industrial Automation Processes through PLC or Electronic Boards.

Electronic Automation


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Repair of Industrial Boards

We regenerate and repair the electronic boards of industrial machines and plants, replacing worn or damaged components. We regenerate printed circuits. Repair of medical and health equipment. Industrial Automation, Motor Drivers, Control Boards, CNC, PLC, Numerical Control, Monitors, Inverters, Transmission Systems, Acquisition Systems, Plastic Injection Machines, Stamping Molding, Thermoforming Machines, Textile Machines, Presses, Solar Inverters, Machines for sheet bending, machines for processing iron and alloys, electric trolleys.

Repair and regeneration of Industrial Electronic Boards

Partner & Costumers

Webelettronica for the marine industry

For Webelettronica Electronic Design means always developing new ideas. Thus always designing high efficiency new products. The portfolio of products suitable for the marine industry, was born with the idea of offering unique devices for all types of ships and yachts.
From design to production: a team of professional engineers follows all the work phases necessary to create custom electronic devices, hardware, firmware and software tailored to the real needs of our customers.

Products for marine industry

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