Electronic Design

For Webelettronica Electronic Design means both developing new ideas with the practical ability to solve problems and anticipate responses, supporting and industrialize the proposals of the customer with targeted solutions, also through the careful choice of the most suitable components for alternatives need to the original plan.
From design to production, from sales to maintenance: a team of professional engineers follows all the stages of work necessary to create custom electronic boards, hardware, firmware and software tailored to the real needs of our customers.
In this way, every electronic board is born under our control, in the agreed delivery times, through phases documented in full compliance with international standards (CE, CSA, UL), functional tests in temperature and humidity, safety and compatibility tests electromagnetic.

Customized Electronic Boards

Analysis of the idea

In this step the most frequently asked questions are "My idea is feasible? What would it cost to achieve it?"
After exposure of the idea, Webelettronica identifies the most performing and least expensive technology that will be able to realize it. In addition, it can provide an estimate of production costs, in order to optimize the processes and consequently the final cost, from the early stages of conception and design.

Analysis of Maximum Specifications

At this stage, Webelettronica performs an analysis of the existing board and the specific additions of the customer. Moreover, thanks to the use of advanced technologies, it performs the analysis and the study of the Hardware components in order to minimize the costs of the device and define the correct configurations of the integrated ones.

PCB Master realization

The realization of the electronic board takes place through the drafting of the electrical diagrams with verification by simulation of the correct realization. You create a Layout of the printed board and then proceed with the acquisition of electronic materials and the burning of the card.

Validation Prototype PCB

The validation of the prototype takes place in three phases: In the first one the manual assembly / machine is carried out by welding the electronic components on the electronic board. Then the electrical verification of the card for the validation of the prototype takes place. Finally, manual changes are made to any errors found.

Writing Firmware

The firmware is written by performing some basic steps such as:

  • Writing driver Devices used
  • Sensor Data Acquisition
  • Working logic
  • Implementation of any communication protocols

Finally, all the firmware operating tests are performed to search for System Bugs and expects the validation process by the customer.

Technical Functional Testing

The last process in the construction of the electronic board is the Technical-Functional test, which involves the assembly and testing of a variable number between 5 and 10 of prototype cards that will be delivered to the customer. This runs the validation of the prototype at the customer site. Finally we will proceed with the creation of the final printed sheet according to the mechanical part chosen together with the customer.

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